Name: Mika Yusaburu
Age: 16
Blood Type AB
Birth Zodiac: Aries
Zodiac Year: Dragon

An guitar player who wants to be a star when she grow up. who has emotional issues with herself and has bad habits with her friends. Her school is full with gangsters, bullies, and perverted boys who are getting into her, because of her singing voice and her behavior, but her teachers are nice to her. Until the Asteroid hits on Earth, she met the mysterious butterfly alien, who says that she is Queen Maria, who was abducted from Earth by an aliens three thousand years ago. Before her butterfly soul disappears, she gave the rose-like pearl known as the “Otonoishi” to find Eight Sanctuaries that has Eight Melodies to defeat him with his son’s own heart and to get rid of his evil-self. After meeting with Queen Maria, things have gotten worse…her friends become more evil than before, gangsters are attacking the city, animals and humans gone insane! This is even worse than school…

Name: Aoira Kyohaku
Age: 13
Blood Type A
Birth Zodiac: Pisces
Zodiac Year: Ram

An 13-year-old sorcerer in-training. Aoira lives with her parents and students who are treating magic, instead of PSI. She went missing after she was shopping for groceries for her mother. Her parents got worried that she "might" got kidnapped by one of the gangsters at Wanichi city, but she never been to the city before. She was home schooled by her parents and never goes out of the town. She is also like animals, friends, and teddy bears.

Name: Clara Floine
Age: 15
Blood Type B
Birth Zodiac: Taurus
Zodiac Year: Snake

An 15-year-old girl who lives in the boarding school at Mt. Snowbreeze with her roomrate, Jessica, who is been friends with since her first year. After hearing the cries of Aoira in her sleep, Clara and Jessica help each other out to get Clara out of boarding school to get her help at her Grandmother’s Lab to find the girl who has a kind heart. She later use her Grandmother’s Logoship to locate the girl who has crying for help. She is also have bad habits with cigarettes after her parents death (when the earthquake struck her birth place when she was little) and was into technology like her grandmother, unfortunately, she is also into guns as well, because her father was in a military a few years ago. However, she is kind, but she gets mad easily.

Name: Princess Luna
Age: 19
Blood Type O
Birth Zodiac: Sagittarius
Zodiac Year: Tiger

Luna is the princess of the main capital of Majiland, Kochouland. The legends of Kochouland was based of the butterfly spirit called the Kochou (チョウ) and was blessed by the people who were kind, happy, and pure. Cruel, stealing, and perverted will be the Gaashi (The Evil Moth or ガ悪). Luna was born and raised by her royal family until her parents died. Her father was a samurai and was trained hard and was been been killed by the riots of people in the war that were against the Kochou religion. Her mother passed away of her sickness after the war when she was young and is in custody with her master. Now, at the age of 19, she will use the spirits of the Kochou and will go to find her own adventures of her own. However, she must find the three magical girls to become a great samurai, just like her father.